Year 1

Farm Market Studios first installment of the Farm Market Baskets

Year 1  – Stop Bobby Hatch

Now order with a friend and you both get 50% off and your orders will come in the same basket!

Order includes:
  • Limited Year 1 t-shirt *shirts are short sleeve gray
  • New Money CD   Listen here – Soundcloud
  • Limited Year 1 patch
Order information:
  •  Pre-order only between 1/1/17 – 1/21/17 $30
  • Email *or get in touch with the band in any way

When you get in touch with us we will find out what size you need and get our orders ready. You do not pay until you get your basket. Once pre-orders are done we will let you know the details of the release. If you can’t make the release date your baskets can be delivered or mailed to you.

Fram Market Baskets is presented by Farm Market Studios. The shirts are printed by Bobby Hatch. Year 1 designs by FMS. Find out about the album New Money by Stop Bobby Hatch

If you have any questions or would like to pre-order a basket here are some more links to get in touch:

Facebook Instagram Twitter or comment here below.


Item in poster may look different the final item.

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